I may or may not start posting on here again. We'll see ..

Somalia. Seeeen.
Grime & UKG. In Mogadishu. An interesting read.

Today I mostly feel a combination of "ugh" and "yaaargh".

Pretty much.

But it wasn't a rock. It was a rock LOBSTER!
So I'm a bit drunk and there's no one to talk to, so I just read Tims last journal and I've decided I'm going to try to do the same thing he did and type without thinking. Let us begin ..


OK, so I'm sitting here and I'm reminded of the time I engineered an album by the The Beatles. This was in 1963. We (we being myself and Wolverine) kidnapped them in an experimental hovercraft off the coast of Brazil and took them to the Carribiean. It was actually Scabb Island, which was a little known island untill it was thrust into the spotlight in the hugely popular game Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge, published by LucasArts some years ago. Anyway, we took them to Scabb Island and put them in a cave. It was a nice cave, it had candles and vinyl flooring. The kind of vinyl faux leather couches are made of. I used the word "faux" instead of "fake" because it's more wanky sounding, like that cunt on television that said "reâl politique" one time instead of just saying "real politics". So we left them in the cave and went to get some basketballs from a bunch of Korean breakdancers. Actually, I was watching this Korean action film and I noticed the Korean language sounds to me like a cross between Japanese and Chinese, which makes sense because they're wedged between China and Japan. It was fucking cool, that shit is mad interesting. To me. Shit. Anyway, these Korean breakdancers, there was this one guy called Ryu Ssanyong, and he tried to do do a scorpion freeze out of a windmill, but he got hurt and just ended up doing a king tut instead. We cheered anyway and then asked if he had any basketballs. He was like "Shibural jot kat'un nigimi jot manhan ddong mul eh t'wigyo jukil ship sekia!!1!!1!". Trust me, that's pretty bad. So I was like "'k". I wanted to lamp him but my mate (Wolverine) bit him and gave him Syphillus so that was nice. After Ryu Ssanyong died his friend gave us a cassette, one of those old Maxell ones, black with a white label with blue stuff up the top. "Egads!" I said. Because I realised I needed to cut my toenails. So I put on this tape in my friends (Wolverines) boom box that he'd been carrying the whole time, and it was Metalton music. Metalton is shit hot. It's an extrodinary fusion of Scandinavian Black Metal and traditional Korean folk music, or Pansori, weaving rich cultural tappestries and blurring pre-concieved Western notions of the Lydian Augmentend Scale. I did Bogle-Bogle. Wolverine did the Wop and the Running Man. O RLY? Afer that we went to get some chicken at the market, we caught a ferry there because it was on the other side of a lake made out of lava. We go to the market and my friend (Wolverine) commented on the smell. It smelled like pancakes and coffee. In the end The Beatles died but we made new ones out of pinecones and Chocolate Digestives.

I'll never forget that horse.

"Hit fourth, HIT FOURTH!!"
Another quick video, another 180SX drift pig being thrashed around the Port Gawler track. The guy filming is kind of annoying but it's still pretty funny at the end, watch and see.

Street Level Sound ah murderer!!

Murderer by Johnny Osbourne, Street Level Special! Just got the voicing then ..oh my GOOOOSH! Recording quality is waaaay better than the Courtney Mellody plate too.

I should mention at this point that Street Level is repping Adelaide for the Reggae Sound Summit in Sydney in January, more details on that later though. But yeah, these specials should kill it, we'll be looking to get a couple more before we head over so we arrive armed and ready =D

Chocolate Digestives crew hold tight!
A quick promo video of local drifter Christian Pickering throwing his cammo 180SX around the Mallala track, thaught some might be interested.

Fab, veeey clean, veeey bwight!
Another voicing! Just been told it's being done "tonight NY time", so we should have it by either tomorrow or Saturday!

More details when we get it. Trust me, big, big, BIIIG clash tune! World nuh ready!

Wanna be a superstah-ah-ah-ah-ah!
Oh dear.

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Are you really from the Ends?
So I got up mad early this morning. I woke up first at about 4:30am, went back to sleep, up again at around 5:45, then out of bed at 6:30. Felt pretty hungry but there was no bread in the manor so I put some pants on (always a good move) and headed out to the shops. I got about three or four doors down when these two little puppies started yapping at me, tiny things they were. I laughed and kept walking, but they kept yapping so I yelled at the wee things and they seemed to shut up. I continued walking to the shops. By the time I got to the end of the street I realised they were still following me, all happy and puppy like. The likkle things ended up walking all the way up to Prospect Road behind me! I ended up walking back home with them, cause knowing my luck I'd get them killed on the main road, and they came inside and chilled with me and Lex while we decided what to do. Went for a walk back up the road with em and ended up waking some poor girl who had no idea how they got out the house and giving them back.

That is my awesome adventure for today.


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